Special Purpose Machine (SPM) are those machines which are not available off the shelf. These are not covered in standard manufacturing processes. These machines are designed and tailored according to customer specific requirements.

We at Advent ToolTech develop Special Purpose Machines which are designed to operate continuously with minimum supervision. These Machines are product specific and are required to be designed and developed for a specific requirement.


Following is a list of some of our Special purpose machines that we have designed and developed over the years

  • Vision Camera Based SPM
  • Cartesian Robot Glue Dispenser SPM for Roofliner Assembly
  • Electric Actuated Packing Fixture SPM for Aerospace Component
  • Time and Durability Check SPM for Console Component
  • Vaccum Operated Edge Wrapping SPM for Load Floor Part
  • Punching and Trimming SPM for Soft Trim Automotive SPM
  • PLC based Pokayoke Systems
  • Pneumatic Operated Trunk Carpet Assembly SPM
  • Vaccum Operated Pick and Place SPM
  • Pokayoke Systems using Color , Optical and Proximity Sensors.

Contact us with your requirement and we will design and develop a Machine that will perfectly suit your specific requirement.

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